Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Baseball Only?

Time for Steff to vent... The town that I'm living in has decided to make their entire beach area off limits to dogs due to the "lack of picnicking space" for families. In this writer's most humble opinion, that is total and utter garbage. About a month ago the local paper printed off the city council meeting notes so that the residents of this town would be aware of what their representatives are doing for them, and one of the major "issues" they decided to address was the dog area down at the public beach. I kid you not, they called it an issue. Their reasoning...families need more space to picnic. Are you kidding me?! There are tables EVERYWHERE, and very rarely have I ever seen them all full. Many families enjoy being able to bring the family pet with them to the beach, it ensures that everyone gets to come out and have a good time and prevents dogs from being locked up on beautiful, hot sunny days (regardless of how few and far between they've been lately). 

The council also reasoned that there were "several reports of dog bites" last year. I read the paper when it comes out (which isn't hard to do when it's printed once a week and is a whopping five pages long) and I can honestly say that do not recall reading about any dog bite incidents at the beach in the weekly police report last year. I did however happen to read a "Letter to the Editor" from some grumpy citizen (probably either a council member or close friend of one with the way things go around here) who thought that the dog area down at the beach made our town seem less appealing, how it was something that no tourist would want to see. I have this to say to you: As a southern Minnesota import to the northland, I found absolutely nothing wrong with dogs being allowed in the beach area. I did not find it unseemly and I most definitely did not find it unappealing. As a matter of fact, I thought it was wonderful that this community was so welcoming to pets and their owners as to allow them a nice space down at the beach for pets to play. So the council voted to make the beach off limits to dogs. Unless of course you wanted to play with your dogs by the boat launch, because that's still allowed and obviously such a safe option for people and their pets. Thank you City Council, how very generous of you.

 I have dogs that need to be able to run, and sometimes just getting out for a walk doesn't really cut it. There is a potential solution to this problem, but I think people are nervous to approach it by official means. There is an unused baseball field in town, completely fenced and perfect for animals to really be able to stretch their legs. The city now has bins and waste bag dispensers that are not being utilized since they were removed from the beach. Hmmm...sounds like a problem solver to me! The problem is that no one wants to bring this up to the powers that be, because when you officially ask for something, you can be officially denied access to it. As it stands, many dog owners have already started utilizing this area for their pets and no one is stopping us or complaining about it (to the best of my knowledge), but it is not an official dog park/pet friendly area. It would be wonderful to see it as one. To be able to get a bin and some dispensers, maybe a little water station for the pets, have some of those janky gates repaired and getting the place mowed every now and again would be FABULOUS! 

It's sad to see people be so nervous to ask for something as simple as an area for their pets to run, but I understand why. If it gets brought up and shot down, then the area would be officially off limits to pets and their owners and then there would be nowhere for them to go. However, in order to get what you want, sometimes you just need to be willing to take a risk and ask. I mean honestly, who could say "NO" to these faces?! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mini Adventure Friday

Just a little picture of some of the pretty things I found while longboarding to work today. :) The sun finally decided to grace northern Minnesota with its presence again which was amazing. It felt great to get back out on my board with Optimus and just go zipping around town. And better yet, there's a fair in town for the weekend so I'm hoping to head up there and get some pictures at some point. Nothing better than beautiful weather and mini donuts...I'm sure not going to complain! Have a fantastical weekend peeps!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cilantro-Parsley Pesto...YUM!

One of the aspects that I honestly love about my job is that I get to cook dinner almost every time I'm there, and I've been allowed some creative flexibility since we revised the menu. This was my tasty little dish this week...Cilantro-Parsley Pesto pasta. I know I know, you think pesto=basil, but not so in this case! It all started about a month ago when I wanted to make pesto and lo and behold...no basil to be found. Anywhere. One of the downsides of living this far north is that fresh ingredients are a little more difficult to come by. Or they just arrive later than expected. So I pouted for about a minute then came up with this delish dish using what the grocery store had available...cilantro and parsley...in Massive quantities. It has a much more mild flavor than a basil pesto would, but it is absolutely yummy and much more budget friendly. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! P.S. The colors of this meal are Gorgeous, serve it up with a baguette and fresh salad and it becomes a very filling, healthy meal.

Find the recipe for this meal here.

'Things I Don't Mind' Thursday

I got the inspiration for this blog post from "Things I Love Thursdays" on Little Chief Honeybee's blog. I really like the idea of having certain days of the week being dedicated to a set topic or subject. Not every day mind you, I don't think I'd have the heart to plan out my life with such rigid guidelines! :) But who knows, maybe outfit posts on weekends, food stuff the rest of the week with little blurbs about life, the puppies and my day to day adventures to mix it all up in the meantime. That's the truly nice aspect about this blog, I don't HAVE to do anything in particular, not yet anyway. So here goes...This is a picture of the "Things I sure don't mind" ;)
Let's see, what do we all have here... Well there's dresses, which I can't live without. Honest. Best darn things in the world. I also have a fairly new obsession with longboarding, it's something totally new and different for me (given my lack of balance and coordination) that I started doing this spring. Yes, the dogs do pull me around town on it. :) I looove scarves, tall shoes and big sunglasses (a girl who likes shoes?! weird, right?) and have a hard time leaving the house without wearing my Estee Lauder bronzer and my Covergirl mascara. Other than that, there's that sneaky little bottle of Candy Pink hairdye, by RAW which is subject to change at any given moment (much to the dismay of the bride whose wedding I'm in ;)) and the only thing that keeps me up and moving...my Monster. 
See, now think of all the things you would have never known if I hadn't filled you in! I promise, I'll start working on some daily themes to stick to, I can't be random...at least not all of the time. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Currently in LOOOVE

Absolutely in love with this beautiful rendition of 'Silver Springs' Originally by Fleetwood Mac but performed here by Stacy DuPree from Eisley. Not normally my cup o' tea, but I'm love love loooving it. Must be the depressing weather... ;)

A new day, a new recipe, a new blog

So, it's probably painfully obvious that I've never done anything like this before, so I'll need you all to bear with me. I figured that I spend enough time futzing around on everyone else's blogs so maybe I should try starting my own! Only problem being that I have NO idea what I want to do, and a very difficult time focusing. I'm thinking food, hair, puppies, clothes...and not necessarily in that order! So we might as well start this adventure off right, with a little photo I took of a VERY delicious vegetarian couscous soup I just made. It's been pretty dreary up here lately, seems like it's never going to quit raining! Although I guess icky weather makes for a perfect excuse to cozy up in the kitchen and make a super delicious batch of soup to warm myself up with. One word...YUM! :)

Go find the recipe in the RECIPE section of my blog! Hope you enjoy! :)

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