Thursday, June 23, 2011

'Things I Don't Mind' Thursday

I got the inspiration for this blog post from "Things I Love Thursdays" on Little Chief Honeybee's blog. I really like the idea of having certain days of the week being dedicated to a set topic or subject. Not every day mind you, I don't think I'd have the heart to plan out my life with such rigid guidelines! :) But who knows, maybe outfit posts on weekends, food stuff the rest of the week with little blurbs about life, the puppies and my day to day adventures to mix it all up in the meantime. That's the truly nice aspect about this blog, I don't HAVE to do anything in particular, not yet anyway. So here goes...This is a picture of the "Things I sure don't mind" ;)
Let's see, what do we all have here... Well there's dresses, which I can't live without. Honest. Best darn things in the world. I also have a fairly new obsession with longboarding, it's something totally new and different for me (given my lack of balance and coordination) that I started doing this spring. Yes, the dogs do pull me around town on it. :) I looove scarves, tall shoes and big sunglasses (a girl who likes shoes?! weird, right?) and have a hard time leaving the house without wearing my Estee Lauder bronzer and my Covergirl mascara. Other than that, there's that sneaky little bottle of Candy Pink hairdye, by RAW which is subject to change at any given moment (much to the dismay of the bride whose wedding I'm in ;)) and the only thing that keeps me up and Monster. 
See, now think of all the things you would have never known if I hadn't filled you in! I promise, I'll start working on some daily themes to stick to, I can't be least not all of the time. 

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