Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July!

Before you have a heart attack, don't worry. That is an oh so silly sign for an ice cream shop/video rental place in Duluth. My future roommate Sam happened to spot this little gem and I figured I would share it with you!
Ooph, July rolled in hot and heavy...literally. It's been ridiculously humid here in the north land for the last couple of days. The kind of humidity that makes your jeans get tighter as you're walking to work. I was fairly certain that by the time I arrived to work yesterday my denims were practically holding me up...yeah, it was that kind of hot and humid. Uncomfortable to say the least. And while I would love to venture down to the beach and throw myself bodily into the big cold drink, I will refrain. I don't feel the need to visit the beach if my dogs aren't allowed to go with me.
On a more positive note, I'm planning to post some yummy new recipes and pictures this weekend! Keep on the lookout for a zesty enchilada pizza and a super delicious summer garden couscous salad. :)

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