Sunday, October 30, 2011

You put WHAT in the brownies??

I put basil in 'em snitchez! Fact. Maybe not the most typical thing for a college student to try to put in her baked goods, but I like to surprise folks every now and again. ;) This one came into being at work (again!) because we had a very abundant basil plant that producing SO much that I needed to put it in Everything. So I made some brownies and it just seemed like a good idea to give 'em a little extra something. Rumor has it that they weren't too shabby either!
Chocolate and basil are actually very complimentary to each other, as unlikely as it may seem. I remember the first time I heard about it was when I was watching Food Network and Giada went and made a little sandwich in her panini press with brie, basil and milk chocolate. What the ...??? I didn't ever try it, but needless to say, the idea of chocolate and basil was planted. The chocolate and cheese comes as no surprise to an avid Ween fan...but I digress, seeing as there is no cheese in this recipe. Sometimes the only way to figure something out is to just give it a try. And if it blows you can always feed it to the neighbors...

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