Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oh Halloween, it's only been one day and I already miss you. Probably my favorite time of year, hands down. Its one of the few times when you can legitimately dress like a total goon and get away with it. This year I decided to get all zombified. Because everyone needs a little zombie in their lives. I'm sure of it. The original premise for the costume was going to be a zombie pin up girl, but after (foolishly) throwing my outfit in the dryer it was deemed WAY too small to wear in public. I mean, that sucker got tiiiight and short. And while that may be some girls' cup of tea, it doesn't really float my boat. So I raided my huge stash of dresses, found my sweet little navy blue one that I got from ModCloth a while ago and decided to go for a zombie Alice in Wonderland.
Needless to say, it was flippin AWESOME. My roommate, Sam, got all dolled up as Alex from A Clockwork Orange and we zombied up a couple of friends and hit the fancy streets of Duluth. :) I talked to a homeless man who wanted me to bite him (I did NOT do it, eww), ran into a crew dressed up as the boys from Shaun of the Dead (one of my absolute favorite movies ever!), and had an overall awesome night.
I think a lot of what made this year so much fun was that I decided to make my costume instead of buying one. All I had to buy was some fake blood and liquid latex for my wounds! It's probably the only way to go, you'll be able to guarantee that you won't run into anyone else with your same costume, plus you get to tailor it to how you want it to look. Because I saw a couple of Alice's...but none of them looked even remotely like mine (although the blood probably had a lot to do with it). So think about it for next year, don't waste money on a costume that you'll (probably) only wear once. Raid your closet and get crafty. And if all else fails, just throw some fake blood on it. :)

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