Saturday, February 18, 2012

Steel-cut Breakfast

Breakfast is pretty basic, you're supposed to eat it, get a nice good ZAP of energy and putter your way throughout the day, chalk full of piss and vinegar. And it's all thanks to that wonderful little meal, breakfast. Right? I mean, that's what they always told us in health class; "Eat breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. Energy and blah blah blah." Yeah, well when it comes right down to it 98% of the things you genreally eat for breakfast are absolute crap that do nothing for you OR your body. You end up starving by lunch, debating exactly how edible that open bag of crackers you left in your desk two months ago might be. And I don't know about the rest of you, but being bone-gnawingly hungry doesn't really translate into energetic and zesty in my book. It usually means I want to curl up under my desk and nap away the hunger (or cry a little bit).

And it all has to do with the junk we pump our stomachs full of, first thing in the morning. No one is asking you to bust out your juicer and make some green lemonade (although it is freakishly delicious) but you may want to step away from that ice cream bucket sized bowl full of hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons... Your body can't feasibly sustain itself in a healthy manner off of all of that junk. It sees all of that simple sugar and burns through it SO fast, henceforth your late morning crash and gut-wrenching hunger. Try something a little more wholesome, something that's sweet but filling, healthier AND delicious. You know what fits that bill?  Hmmm? Steel-cut oats. Topped off with some milk (or coconut milk...YUM), raspberries and a sprinkle of raw sugar. It tastes so fresh and delicious and it actually sticks with you throughout the morning so you're not ready to die of hunger come lunch time. Plus one of the nice things about steel-cut oats vs. instant oatmeal is that it actually has some texture and flavor to it, not to mention its far less processed and all around better for you than instant oatmeal (or your junky, overpriced breakfast cereals). And look at it, it's just so dang PRETTY!